10 Of The Cheapest Return Flights To Europe In The New Year

10 of the cheapest return flights to europe in the new year

We knew beating those January Blues was paramount after such a good festive season and the solution we came up with was a trip to Europe! Previously this would have been too expensive for us so soon after the holidays but with the recent emergence of cheap transatlantic flights, especially with Norwegian Air, we thought a quick price check wouldn’t hurt!

It was amazing to see a RETURN flight to Paris for under $400 so we quickly snapped up 2 tickets leaving in late January!

This got us thinking….what other great deals to Europe are out there this time of year?!!

Seeing return flights for under $300 made us think: This needs to be shared with you, our readers, so we have created an infographic capturing the best deals we could find.

Along with the prices we have also included flight times, dates and the airline to use. If you book soon, we’re sure you too can beat the January blues!

10 Of The Cheapest Return Flights In The New Year

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