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Whether you are boondocking in the wildnerness or staying in a campground, the best portable toilet for your situation can be vastly different. For me, there is no need to break the bank for a 2 day camping trip and get a modern toilet when a glorified bucket will do. But I am a guy i guess!

For longer excursions, there are a number of important points to consider if you don't want to a toilet the start of an argument will your loved ones. Take note of my tips below as well as my portale toilet recommendations and you will hopefully avoid some unnecessary strife!


Best Feature

Our Rating


Camco 41541

​Best Overall


​Best On A Budget

Thetford 92360

Seat Size/Quality


Carry Like Briefcase

Tank Capacity 

Larger waste (containment) tanks reduces the frequency you need to go through that unpleasant disposal process. That is a feature that benefits everyone so be aware of this before purchasing.

The caveat is that the larger tanks can become quite heavy if filled to capacity so ensure you have ability to lift them before filling to the brim.

Large fresh water (flush) tanks will also be important to those of you planning extended off the grip hiking/camping/RV trips.

The more fresh water your tank can hold, the longer you can remain in the wild​

Ease of Disposal Process

The best portable toilets offer a disposal process that is as smooth and as clean as possible. Some models offer a simpler and more sanitary solution than others.

A detachable waste tank or bucket are the features you are looking for here. Removing the waste tank should be straight forward and incorporate a valve or lid that removes the chances of spillages.

I find that a handle can also be a image saving add-on as it isn’t very endearing to carry a waste tank with two hands down the camping site like you would carry a vase!


The 3 questions to ask yourself around portability should be

1. How light is this to carry?

2. Are their handles attached to help transport?

3. How much space does the toilet take up?

The first two points are straight forward with your main goal being not to compensate on durability and quality for a lighter weight. There are models that offer both light weight and good quality which I have reviewed below.

Question 3 should jump out at you if there is limited space in your camper van/car to transport a ready to use portable toilet.

You could consider collapsible portable toilets for camping if you are short on space as they can fold down to significantly diminished sizes and can therefore fit more more easily in your vehicle.

Weight Capacity

If you think you might crash through the toilet on a night-time visit and not be found until the morning with your legs dangling vertically (This scene has crossed my mind a few times!), then review the weight capacity of your potential portable toilet.

While they may look flimsy when you first see them, the better models which I have reviewed below have capacity for up to 320 lbs.

For the bigger folk, it can take time to get used to sitting on these smaller frames but it gets more comfortable with time.

Depth Of Bowl

More an issue for us guys out there, its prudent to review the depth of the bowl from the lid to the base.

Some models do not unfortunately take into account what ‘dangles’ when we sit on the toilet and this can lead to an uncomfortable and unhygienic submergence of important merchandise!


For those of you who find it more difficult to sit and stand than you used to or are above 6 feet tall, you should take the height of the portable toilet into consideration when buying.

Some of the popular brands like the Dometic are designed quite low – forcing you to get deep squatting.

These brands are useless however if you are lacking flexibility or above average height.

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet, Designed for Camping, RV, Boating And Other Recreational Activities (5.3 gallon) (41541)

Our Favourite Feature

Best Overall


Our Rating

Probably the most renowned and best portable toilet on the market, the Camco has developed a good reputation because it does all the basics well.

The detachable waste tank is made for those of you worried about messy waste disposal. A sliding gate valve on the tank ensures no leaks and no odor so emptying is a straight forward process.

The large size of the flush tank (2.5 gallons) and the waste tank (5.3 gallon) will be beneficial to all of you who enjoy off grid camping.​

Other basics covered by the Camco include portability (integrated handles in the design to help transport), depth (lid to base is 6 inches which should leave room for your unmentionables), and a weight capacity of 330lbs.


  • Separate waste tank helps disposal.
  • Large capacity of tanks.
  • Sealed valve holds in odor well.
  • Durable design.
  • Quiet flushing system.


  • Small seat.
  • Product is low to the ground (not ideal for tall or older people).
  • Some blowback on flushing.
  • Lack of instructions.

Reliance Portable Toilet

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

Our Favourite Feature

Best On A Budget


Our Rating

I would put the Reliance down as the best portable toilet for the money as it comes in between $15-20 and delivers all the basics.

While it is essentially a bucket with a toilet seat it is a very suitable quick purchase option for any of you just looking to cover your a** (literally) on a camping/caravanning/boat trip!

For the money you are getting a sturdy build quality, comfortable seat,and it's also reasonable to transport due to hand holes on each side. At 15 inches (33 cm) it is slightly low for an adult and there is also no odor sealant but this is to be expected for the price paid.

If you have to make a quick decision and don’t want to break the bank go for this.


  • Durable Build Quality.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Comfortable seat. 
  • Easy disposal. 


  • Contents not sealed when transporting. 
  • Seat is low for adults. 
  • No odor sealant.

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti

Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet for RV | camping | vans | trucks | healthcare | boats - model 550E, by Thetford - 92360

Our Favourite Feature

Seat Size/ Quality


Our Rating

The more expensive Thetford is the closest competitor to the Camco in terms of quality offered. I have recommended it here because it beats Camco in seat quality/size and toilet height as it stands at 16 inches.

If the quality and size of the toilet seat are important factors to you then the Thetford could be suited to your needs if you are willing to pay extra.

Like the Camco, it too has a detachable waste tank, a large tank capacity (4.6 gallons), integrated handles, an odourless seal and a sizeable max user weight of 400 lbs. The tanks also have a pivoting pour-out spout which makes disposal easier than the Camco.

The question you must ask is whether these improvements on the Camco are worth paying $50-$60 more.


  • Comfortable wide seat.
  • Standard home toilet height.
  • ​Best in show waste disposal system with spout.
  • High tank and weight capacity.


  • Premium Price.
  • Battery operated flush temperamental and has weak power.
  • No manual pump alternative.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Our Favourite Feature

Can Carry It Like 


Our Rating

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere has be designed for those of you who need a truly portable toilet.

As in a toilet you can carry around…like a briefcase!

This model offers a collapsible design which folds into a briefcase for easy transport. For those of you with very limited space when travelling this is a could solution I think. We have found this to be the best portable toilet for camping that we have found if you are planning a short trip.

With a carrying weight of 7 pounds the main concern would be its weight capacity. You would expect a certain flimsiness for this design but the 3 leg set up spreads weight out evenly and as a result can support a massive amount of weight. (around 500 lbs).

With this model keep in mind that you will be using waste bags (requires changing everyday) which will be an ongoing purchase and more frequent disposal routine than with the flushing models.


  • Folds into briefcase.
  • Large weight capacity despite lightweight design.
  • No mechanical or electrical features to deal with.
  • Extremely quick and easy set up.


  • Waste bags must be changed every day.
  • Continual purchase of waste bags adds to overall cost.
  • Collapsing legs can be difficult as they become stiff.

For those of you who do your travelling in an RV like ourselves, you can check out our detailed review of the best rv toilets here which we covered recently.Or if you need to rent a portable toilet we've also got you covered here with our 50 State porta potty rental company review. We hope the buying guide will save you making some of the mistakes we did when we needed to make a change!

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