Will Smith’s 2 Storey Luxury Trailer: See What’s Inside!

If you want to see how the other half live check out this great tour of Will Smith's luxury RV Trailer!

Watching it turn from a single storey ​trailer into a double decker with the flick of a switch is truly astonishing and shows you what technology and a large bank balance can get you!

Something worth striving for!​

Portable Toilet Boardroom Prank!

How long was I in there?!?

Check out this great portable toilet prank where unsuspecting people find a very different environment waiting for them when they are finished in the porta potty!

The Winnebago Man Tapes: Lots Of SWEARING!!

A MUST WATCH for any RVer!!

Jack Rebney became affectionely known as the Winnebago man when his profanity laden outakes for an RV sales commercial became viral! Even before the advent of Youtube, these hilarious outtakes were doing the rounds on VHS tapes!

It's a very funny and real sight into a man having a bad day!

His fame would eventually lead to his own documentary, 'The Winnebago Man, which you watch on Netflix!

Cleaning Your RV Black Tank: Do Ice Cubes Really Work??

There are many old tricks and shortcuts that do the rounds in the RV world, especially in the forums. Once such trick for cleaning your RV black tank involves dumping a large bag of ice into the tank before going on a long drive.

The idea here is that the sharp, heavy ice cubes will dislodge the stubborn waste that has built up around the corners of the tank as you drive around.

James at thefitrv.com has gone to great effort to test this theory in the attached video and he comes to some interesting and useful conclusions.

Check it out!​