Introducing 10 of Europe’s Most Remarkable Highways

‘The journey, Not the destination matters…’

Cheap air travel in Europe has meant that the road trip has waned in popularity over the years. As a result, some of the continent’s most breathtaking locations are going unseen as people are simply flying from one capital city to the next without taking in the surrounding landscape.

For those of you looking to see Europe from a different perspective, scrap the constant connecting flights and rent a car. Some of the world’s greatest scenery awaits you…

Introducing 10 of Europe's Most Remarkable Highways

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   1. Ring of Kerry, Ireland 

One of Ireland’s greatest jewels, the Ring of Kerry is a spectacular coastal journey through mountainous winding roads and green, unspoilt Irish countryside. The Ring possesses some of Europe’s finest white sand beaches and through thousands of years of Atlantic waves crashing into the coastline, a unique and beautiful landscape awaits you at every turn.

                                 2.  Amalfi Coast, Italy

Situated on Southern Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, this 40km ‘’road of 1,000 bends’’ can be a thrilling and romantic ride with its mix of deep valley gorges and lofty hilltops knitted together seamlessly by the well paved highway.

                                3. Hahntennjoch, Austria

Hahntennjoch is a soaring mountain pass in the Austrian alps which connects the Inn Valley with the Lech River Valley. Its peak elevation of 1,894m means it’s a steep journey but a very rewarding one once you see glacier covered canyons and dense woodlands from a birdseye view.

                                4. Trollstigen, Norway

Tradtionally used to connect the villages Valldal in Indre Sunnmøre and Åndalsnes in Romsdalen, Trollstigen or the Trolls footpath has since become part of Norway’s national tourist route. Its spectacular views have been enhanced by various engineering efforts throughout the years. Several viewpoints have been built into the route which blend into the surroundings and provide idyllic views of waterfalls and mountains from dizzying heights.

                                5. Romantic Road, Germany

For those yearning to see the Germany of years gone by – The Romantic Road will bring you through historic cities like Augsburg and medieval towns like Dinkelsbühl which are filled with remnants of the Middle Ages. Castles and cobbled streets are commonplace in each old world village you find along the way and the road also offers an array of summer festivals for travellers passing through.

                                6. French Riviera, France

Stretching from St. Tropez in the South of France to the Italian border, this coastline drive will expose you to quaint and luxury surroundings in equal measure. This route takes in celebrity hotspots like Monaco, Nice and Cannes as well as quaint seaside towns like Antibes where Pablo Picasso once lived. When driving be prepared for consistently good weather (over 300 sunny days a year on the Riveria) and the famous French Corniches (cliff road) which offer majestic views of the Mediterranean coastline.

                                7. Jurassic Coast, England

95 miles of dramatic coastline views awaits you on Southern England’s shores. The Jurassic Coast which runs from East Devon to Dorset was added as a World Heritage site in 2001 due to its natural beauty and importance in geological studies. The drive itself is filled with sightings of sea stacks, sandy beaches and exposed cliff faces.

                                8. Col De La Bonnette, France

As one of the highest roads in Europe (2807m above sea level at peak) this simply had to make this list. The 24km Col de la Bonnette of the French Alps has unmatched views once you reach the peak. A full 360° panoramic view of mountains and ravines as far as the eye can see – this is nature at its finest.

                                9. Transfagarasan, Romania

Running through the Faragas mountains of Romania is the world renowned Transfagarasan route – it is rated by Top Gear as the best road trip in the world.  A challenging drive with blind hairpins and steep climbs, it was built as a tactical military crossing in case of Russian invasion. Built in the Argeas River gorge, the routes offers magnificent views of waterfalls, weaving volcanic lakes and pine forests.

                                10. Ring Road, Iceland

Iceland is fast gaining a name as one of the world’s must see countries and it’s attractions like the Ring Road which are building this reputation. The Ring Road is the main highway in Iceland circling virtually the entire country so it takes all aspects of the unique landscape. With little woodland on the trek, you are treated to panoramic views of fjords, waterfalls and natural hot springs throughout the journey on a clear day.

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