What Is The Best RV Cover For Winter In 2017?

What is the best rv cover for winter

I had been way too casual with RV storage up until winter 2010. The small snowfall we experienced each year I could usually just scrub away, without any worry of interior or exterior damage. 

Not that winter!!

Moisture from the heavy snowfall seeped through our roof forcing us to cough up big money for a replacement..we have been using an RV cover ever since!

Size...weight...fabric used.. There are more decisions than you would expect when choosing the best RV cover for winter!

To help you through this, I have created the below guide with the goal of helping you make the right buying decision when looking for the best rv cover for winter. With snow and rain the most damaging elements, I have broken the guide down into recommendations for the best RV cover for snow and the best RV cover for rain.

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RV Cover Comparison

Best For Snow

Best For Rain

Best Budget



Polypro 1






Triple Layered

Triple Layered

Single Layer


2 Year

2 Year

2 Year

Built In Vents




Interlocking Seams




5 Reasons To Fear Snow On Your RV

1. Windshield Wipers - build up of snow and ice on the windshield wipers can easily become attached to the blades which can then scratch the windscreen once used.

2. The moisture of the snow is your real danger - it can cause leaks in your roof potentially damaging the whole interior. At the very least, you could be looking at replacement your roof. This replacement will costs in the thousands of dollars

3. Snow can weigh anywhere from 15 pounds per cubic foot - Given the ongoing trend of lightweight rv roofs in the industry, heavy snowfall can certainly cause your roof to collapse. A collapsed roof combined with likely interior damage could mean you are looking at a write off.

4. Snow moisture can also seriously impact your paint job - If there are any chips or cracks in the exterior paint coating, moisture in the form of snow can form in those gaps and cause paint to peel as changes in temperature causes the bond between the paint and painted surface to weaken.

5. Check out the video below to see the impact snow can have on your RV.

Best RV Cover For Winter - Considerations When Buying 


How many years’ warranty is the manufacturer giving you with the purchase?

Given the harsh environment, anything over 2 years is a good deal.

Do not buy any covers with 1 years or less as holes and rips can develop very quickly in unpredictable winter environments.

Shipping Costs

Can the RV cover be shipped for free? If not, are the shipping costs based on the weight of the cover?

The best RV covers for winter can be big and bulky especially as you move up in size to the bigger trailers.

Heavier covers can add a tidy amount to your cost price so ensure you have included it when working out your RV cover budget.

Type of Material

When trying to fend off snow and the other elements of winter, polypropylene is the go-to material for your RV cover.

It is a hydrophobic material and will not absorb water, instead water ‘wicks’ away from the surface of the fibre and is rapidly evaporated.

This quick drying feature makes it ideally equipped to deal with snow and moisture. If you plan to also store in warmer climates in the near future, then you can also consider polyester as your rv cover material as it has higher resistance to UV radiation.

A Tight FIt

You want the cover to be a tight fit as covers that are too loose with extra material are susceptible to be ripped in heavy downfalls. There is also the chance of an unwanted build-up of insects in these loose gaps. You can ensure a tight fit by:

    1. Pretty obvious - get the correct RV cover for your model!
    1. Purchase a RV cover with tie down ropes and elasticised bottom hems which allow for a tighter fit.
    1. Get help when installing the RV cover (4 people is optimum).
    1. Measure your RV accurately from the two longest points (check videos in individual product reviews for more guidance).

You Pay For What You Get!

We have all been through it..

We go for the cheaper product and go through lots of frustration when it breaks down or loses performance.

We speak with customer service online..

We bring it back it back to the store and try for a refund..

Going for the cheaper product often ends up taking more of our most precious commodity..time!

We would be better off just getting the pricier good in the first place. This rings true for RV covers. The better covers are made of stronger material with less chance of ripping!

They are usually made from lighter material which are easier to put on, reducing risk of injury.

They have longer warranties.

They have zippered access panels so you can easily enter the RV when covered.

Paying premium has its perks!

Individual RV Cover Reviews

Best RV Cover For Snow

Camco Ultraguard

Our Favourite Feature

Multi-layered protection against heavy snowfall.


Our Rating

The Camco RV covers are the toughest on the market and they need to be to deal with the harsh North American winter!

The RV’s biggest enemy in winter is prolonged exposure to moisture from snow and rain and the Camco have created a great defensive line with a triple layered protective design.

This triple top panel is the most important element of the cover. It is designed to resist water and snow on contact which ensures there is no seeping through to the RV exterior. The breathable middle layer then acts to allow trapped moisture to escape with ease.

They have combined this design with a robust, mildew and wind resistant polypropylene fabric on the sides and interlocking seems to ensure maximum protection from the snow and other elements.

The Camco RV cover is designed for pop-up campers, class A, B and C motorhomes, fifth wheel trailers, and slide in campers.

The design also allows easy access to your RV with integrated zippers in the cover’s design for access to the doors and storage compartments of the RV. A very useful feature we have found, if you leave something in the RV and remember mid winter!

As with all covers, proper care must be given when applying and removing them as rips can develop from reckless handling. I say this because I once was very reckless! I yanked our new cover off a hanging pipe and presto…a giant rip! $200 down the drain! Be careful!

Overall, when comparing against competitors on the market and considering its ability to withstand all the elements, the Camco brand is both the best RV cover for snow and the best rv cover for winter. 


  • Resistant to snowstorms with triple layered top panel.
  • Inregrated zippers allows easy access to RV throughout winter.
  • Mildew, mould and wind resistant material. 
  • Comes with storage bag.


  • Tears can develop from rough handling. 
  • Side straps can be flimsy.

Helpful Video On Assembling Your Camco RV Cover

Best RV Cover For Rain

Adco RV Cover

Our Favourite Feature

Unique Rain gutter spout protectors to prevent rips.


Our Rating

The oldest RV cover manufacturers in the business, the Adco team have made a cover to defend your camper against the rain.

In a similar design to the Camco, the Adco RV cover uses a triple layered top panel protection that beads water on contact and this design is also made from the breathable polypropylene fabric which eliminates mildew.

Testing for water protection alone, then the Adco is the best RV cover for rain. The Aquashed top panel is designed to resist against heavy rainfalls and it does a very effective job through this layered Aquashed design.

It also has a built in rain gutter cover – a feature lacking in the aforementioned Camco cover. Where the Adco loses the battle however is in its durability. There are occasions when this cover will rip.

The material can be weak when exposed to some  friction but given the money paid, we expect a cover to withstand a little bit of rough handling. Because of this, we place Adco as a tight runner up in our review for the best RV cover for winter.

This can be a tricky cover to put on and will probably require two or more people to connect up the straps safely. 


  • Protects against heavy rainfall.
  • Rain gutter cover to protect from punctures.
  • Zipper access to RV during winter.
  • Comes with storage bag.


  • Tears can develop from rough handling. 
  • Do not use in sun as it will disintegrate in heat.

Helpful Videos On Installing Your Adco RV Cover

Best Budget RV Cover

PolyPro 1

Our Favourite Feature

Budget choice for milder climates.


Our Rating

If you are living in a mild climate where the rain isn’t too torrential and snow is intermittent, then you can consider the PolyPro 1..MAYBE! This is the budget option and yes if you pay budget prices you get budget products!

As well as the affordable price, it also has a polyester fabric that effectively deflects water and is resistant to mold and mildew. It’s lightness allows for easy application and easy storage in the summer months.

The Polypro is only using a single layer of this tough fabric however.

The importance of having multiple layers to protect against the elements cannot be underestimated and this is where the PolyPro’s budget price takes effect.

You will also need to be extra careful when removing this cover as the thin material can rip.

The Polypro is not going to win many awards but it’s a good price for a quick fix and you are in a mild climate with occasional light snow.


  • Affordable Price
  • Polyester fabric resists mildew.
  • Easily assembled and stored due to lightweight.


  • One one layer of protection.
  • Thin material can rip easily.

Helpful Videos On Installing Your Polypro RV Cover

Additional Steps To Prepare For Winter

Wash and Wax

Giving your RV one final wash and wax before applying the cover for the winter is a wise step.

Mould and dirt that has accumulated on the RV can worsen if left unattended for the winter months. Check out our recent wash and wax article for more info on picking a brand.


If indoor storage is just not an option and you don’t have complete faith in the RV cover or the weather then you should consider protecting your RV with insurance.

For full timers always use dealers that specialise in RV insurance as they have a greater understanding of the RV way of life and will account for this in their coverage.

Specifically, you will be looking for comprehensive insurance that covers water damage and damage by storms. Check out this guide from NerdWallet to further your RV insurance knowledge.

Winterize RV

When covering and storing your RV in anticipation of a cold climate, winterization becomes a paramount task.

Winterizing your RV involves protecting the plumbing from being damaged by freezing weather. Check out this checklist by renowned RVer, Mark Polk, and the below to get to grips with the winterization process.

Remove Salt Stains From RV

While road salt can offer huge benefits in increasing driving safety in winter, the salts can cause significant damage if left on an RV for an extended time..like in storage.

The salt itself is very corrosive and prolonged exposure to it accelerates rust buildup.

Ensure you use a car wash a few times in the run up to putting your RV in storage in order to reduce the salt that has accumulated underneath the car.

  • If Possible Forget About The Cover and Store Indoors

If you have the facilities or can afford to store your RV indoors then by all means, do it to avoid all the RV cover hassle. It truly is the only way to avoid the snow, wind, rain and other destructive elements of the winter months. Consider storage sites like sparefoot.com and storage.com and also read rvshare.com’s helpful guide to learn about storage rates

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